Ça va Chauffer - Pellets

Provide warmth at home with our ecological, environmental-friendly pellets! There are a lot of advantages, for you and our surroundings.

Pellets make you save on energy costs, because they are very low in price and have maximum efficiency. You can save up to 40% compared to general-used heating fuels.

Prices of pellets are also very stable, and we assure you that our prices for delivery are very competitive. Of course, you are free to collect your goods from our worksite. We have approximately 200 tons of pellets in our stock so you will never have to worry of an acutely shortage of pellets.

Our pellets are of DIN+ quality or have an equal quality label, we guarantee 100% softwood pellets.

Not all types of pellets are compatible with your pellet stove, so we recommend that you try out or different pellets before buying a pallet. We don't want you to have chosen the wrong type of pellets for your stove that because of that can't give you the 100% efficiency it should have.

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