Deliveries - Ça va Chauffer

Your wood needs to be on a dry spot, and that's the spot YOU want! That spot is somewhere where you can easily reach for firewood or pellets. We deliver on that specific spot, not somewhere near that spot!

Truck with crane

Truck with crane's arm in length - Cava chauffer
Truck with crane's arm with sideway legs - Cava chauffer, Truck with crane's arm in height - Cava chauffer

At first, we use our professional truck that is equipped with a crane. This gives us the advantage that as good as any delivery is no problem for us.

The crane has an arm of approximately 15 meters, which eases the positioning of the pallets. The maximal distance the arm can carry pallets is around 12 meters, that's equal for height as for length.

Because of the sideway stability legs, our truck is very stable and guarantees a maximum of safety. The truck's maximal width is 4.5 meters.

4x4 Pallet truck

4x4 Pallet truck with pellets - Cava chauffer
4x4 Pallet truck without extra weight - cava chauffer

Our 4x4 pallet truck is especially made to keep on going in areas where other pallet trucks would stop. The weels are made with extreme conditions in mind. It can travel your pallets on gravel, grave, cobblestones and even small embroideries (less than 6cm in height). Grass isn't a problem neither if reasonably dry, without being an off-road jeep, it's a real pallet truck.

With this vehicle, we can easily transport your firewood or pellets into the garage or under your carport. Your product where YOU want it, without any worries!

Unlike a fork lift truck that has a weight of over 4 tons, our 4x4 pallet truck is never too heavy for your driveway. The truck never exceeds 1250 kg of weight. That way, your driveway will never be any different afterwards! The maximum height is 1.8 meters and the width is 1.7 meters.

The time of delivery is about 14 days. You will be notified by phone in advance so there is no confusion and you are certainly present.