Ça va Chauffer - Firewood

Let the coziness enter your home! The pleasant warmth and the sound of a cracking fire, along with the red-orange glow of the firewood is a mix to ensure that coziness. With quality firewood, a fireplace gets that little extra!

We offer high quality products that provide that coziness and warmth on a cold evening. This without any worries about the placement and delivery of your firewood, that's our concern. With our expertise, we assure you that we will deliver your firewood on that specific spot you want it to be.

We've chosen to offer any mix of softwood and hardwood, this because we think it's important to use the proper wood in the right situations and we don't want you to have any surprises in the heating of your home.

The logs are generally shipped on pallets of 2m2. As with our pellets you're always free to choose your products from our site to be sure you're not choosing the wrong product for your fireplace.

If wanted, we can provide kindle-wood and super dry wood in bags with your delivery without extra transport costs.

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